Down2Earth Days Out - Level 3 Country Skills Course


Typically a 3 day / 2 nights course for individuals or small groups. This course is the natural extension of courses 1 and 2 but does not, depending upon experience, necessarily require previous attendance on those course. Its aim is, through intensive experiential tuition, to empower the client with the knowledge and skills to cope with potentially hostile environments in a variety of scenarios such as emergency, natural events, or just simply for the challenge. We will work with you to live comfortably outdoors using our own resourcefulness and Mother Nature's bounty. This course requires self reliance, yet teamwork, and is very much "hands on". It is run in all seasons and all weathers.

Sample course content (detail by negotiation)

  • Review of courses 1 and 2
  • How to be a survivor survivor planning and strategy
  • Shelter varieties and their building
  • Multi method fire lighting and maintenance/management
  • Water finding, purification and storing
  • Wild food identification, fungi, fish, game, berries, roots etc. gathering & processing
  • Animal signs, identification
  • Traps and trap making
  • Skinning, gutting and preparing wild game
  • Multi method campfire cooking
  • Edible wild medicinal plant identification, collection and survival tin
  • Use of camouflage and concealment
  • Tree identification and advanced uses
  • Living on minimal rations
  • Combating the various weather elements
Equipment Required:
  • As per courses 1 and 2

Minimum party size: 6 Maximum party size: by agreement

Please note that this course requires a level of physical fitness and resilience from attendees. Down2Earth will be more than happy to discuss this with group leaders prior to booking. Please feel free to contact us via telephone, should you have any immediate questions.

Cost per person: 160