Down2Earth Days Out - Level 2 Country Skills Course

COURSE 2 ( INTERMEDIATE): A Walk In The Woods and Country Woodcraft

Typically a six hour or two day course with an overnight stay in the woods for the latter.

The course utilizes most areas of the woodland site and, whilst generally not difficult, a basic level of fitness / agility is required.

Although by no means essential, we would recommend, depending upon experience, course 1 as an ideal introduction to this course.

Sample course content (negotiable in advance, depending upon experience, to suit)

  • Introduction based on course 1 content
  • Personal safety
  • Course 1 elements (by negotiation)
  • Animal tracking
  • Finding and purifying drinking water
  • Safe fire making (multi methods) and management and maintenance
  • Wild food gathering and processing
  • Cooking in camp
  • Cooking in the wider woods
  • Teamwork
  • Individual and group collection, preparation, cooking and cleaning responsibilities
  • Spoon making
  • Safe knife usage and sharpening
  • Shelter varieties and their building
  • Simple woodland survival techniques
  • Preparing to sleep outdoors
  • Familiarisation with the woodland camp (see separate page for camp facilities)
Equipment Required:
  • As course 1, plus for those staying overnight:
  • Roll mat
  • Sleeping mat
  • Adequate clothing for the duration
  • 2 x 1 litre water bottles
  • Drinking mug
  • Knife, fork and spoon set
  • Torch
  • Pocket knife
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal wash / hygiene kit including talcum powder
Minimum party size: 6 Maximum party size: by agreement.

Ideal for schools, clubs, youth groups, walking groups, families, companies and others.

Cost per person: Six-hour course: 20 Two-day course: 60