Down2Earth Days Out - Level 1 Country Skills Course

COURSE 1 (BASIC): A Walk in the Woods and Country Woodcraft

Typically a three to six hour (negotiable) course involving a gentle walk across the site, with frequent stops for identification, explanation and refreshments. The terrain is generally not difficult and is manageable for most.

Sample course content (negotiable in advance to suit):

  • What is in the woodland environment?
  • Personal safety
  • Look, listen, touch, smell
  • Safe woodland movement
  • Tree / Leaf identification and uses
  • Edible plant identification and gathering
  • Medical plant identification
  • Common woodland plant identification
  • Animal activity identification
  • Identification of en-route sights and sounds
  • Using environment to find directions
  • Simple shelter construction
  • Field sketching
  • Spectacular countryside views (cameras, binoculars, sketchpads as required by individuals)
  • Plenary session
Equipment Required:
  • Good, worn in, walking boots
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Waterproofs
  • Paper / notebook and pencil
  • Pocket knife
  • Paper bags for collecting
  • Packed lunch and drinks
  • Rucksack
Minimum party size: 3 Maximum party size: by agreement.

Ideal for schools, clubs, youth groups, walking groups, interest groups, families, companies and others.

Cost per person: Three-hour course: 10 Six-hour course: 15