Down2Earth Days Out - Our Ethos

Our pleasure is in facilitating - we're not a Boot Camp! This isn't "I'm in the Jungle, Get Me Outů!" We want groups to enjoy their time with us, learn from the experience and come back for more.

Whether you just want the chance to walk in beautiful countryside, spend the night in a natural shelter (or a log cabin), eat what nature can provide or have a beer and a BBQ in our clearing in the woods, then we will do our very best to accommodate you and your group.

Your group may be mixed in age, gender, ability and social background. All they need in common is a wish to experience the more simple and natural side of life. Our ethos is for you to succeed in learning 'How, What, Why and Where', in the surroundings of our glorious countryside and to witness what so many only see through a car window or on television.